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25th July 2019


Here are some pictures from Daniela's current workshop In Verona!

Photo © Caterina Ferrari

21st July 2019


Today Daniela is starting her week-long choreographic workshop at 7° Stage Internazionale di Danza - Città di Verona in Verona (Italy)!

20th June 2019


Daniela is mentioned in this article!


21 May 2019


We are happy to announce Daniela will once again be guest choreographer at 7° Stage Internazionale di Danza - Città di Verona in Verona (Italy) from 21st to 28th July 2019, where she will hold an Advanced Neoclassical Contemporary Workshop. Apply today!!!


11 April 2019


Daniela will be Guest Choreographer at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome, for the end-of-the-year show on 25th June. Please contact the Accademia itself for more info: - 0039.06.5717.7771

5 October 2014:


Here you can watch Re-Fractions, the choreography Daniela created on the students of the Summer Stage 2014 at Scuola Hamlyn in Florence.

16 June 2014:


from the 1st to 8th July, Daniela will be one part of a dance workshop held at the Scuola Hamlyn, in Florence (Italy). Other teachers will be Anthony Basile, Nicoletta Santoro and Alessandra Alberti.

17 February 2014:


Daniela has newly collaborated with Marco Filiberti for the production of the upcoming full-length feature Cain. In addition to choreographing the stage movements of the actors, she’s also had some acting roles!!!!! Good stuff indeed...! Click here for Pictures taken on the set!

2 September 2013:


The workshop for actors Daniela held with Marco Filiberti at The Abbazia di Spineto had its natural finalization in the performance Conversation Pieces, based on the pieces “Cain” and “Manfred” by Lord Byron. The show was again directed by Filiberti and took place at La Dimora del Buon Riposo, in Pienza (Siena - Italy).

15 August 2013:


Daniela has been invited by theatre and movie director Marco Filiberti to lead with himself a workshop for actors, on body and movement. The workshop, produced by the organization Le Vie del Teatro, will take place at the Abbazia di Spineto, in Sarteano (Siena - Italy). Click here for Pictures! 

3 March 2013:


Daniela has been interviewed by Simone Sandroni, artistic director of Deja Donne, for the show Vale Tudo. The evening was special and the audience was very enthusiastic! 

12 January 2013:


you can now watch the trailer of “The Last One Turn Off The Light”, a choreography Daniela created for the young kids of Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive School in 2012. Enjoy here! 

31 July 2012:


We’ve added a New Video! It’s “Paride’s Choice”, a piece Daniela choreographed on dancers from Teatro dell’Opera of Rome using J.S.Bach’s “Chaconne in D Minor”. Check it out here! 

22 July 2012:


Daniela is currently leading a choreographic workshop at Alvin Ailey School (Summer Intensive Programme) in New York. Check her out here!  

21 July 2012:


Click here for HD pictures from Daniela’s recent end-of-year school show “Le Quattro Stagioni” on 04.06.12 in Spoleto.

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