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Daniela began ballet studies at the age of 4 within the private dance section of the Guido D’Alessi school, in Rome. 



During her high school years, she attended the academy of the Teatro dell’Opera there, where she was personally trained by Mrs. Olga Amati. 



She continued her studies at Gillian Hobart’s school where, beyond studying mime and pas-de-deux with Amedeo Amodio, she specialized in the reknowned R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) technique.



Shortly thereafter, she was awarded an education grant for Wimbledon Dance School of London, where she perfected the study of that same R.A.D. style.


During her career, Daniela learned the following techniques:

BALLET: with Vladimir Luppov (at C.I.D. in Rome), Genia Melikova (at Alvin Ailey’s), Konstantin Damianov (at Cullberg Ballet), Maggie Black (in New York) and many others...


GRAHAM: with Elsa Piperno, Jacqulyn Buglisi, Joseph Fontano and Marcia Plevin (in Rome); with Bertram Ross and Pearl Lang, both former dancers at Martha Graham Dance Company in New York 


AFRO-CUBAN: with her mother Ann Moon and Bob Curtis 


HORTON: with Joyce Trisler, Sylvia Waters, Judith Jamison, Dudley Williams, Milton Myers, D. Jackson and P. Thompson (at Ailey’s) 


CUNNINGHAM: with Gus Solomon (at Ailey’s) 


CECCHETTI: later at Cullberg Ballet

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Ann Moon Malusardi

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